Coaching Life in a natural & simplistic way
​The Triangle of Life containts all the Elements within ONE!
Each ELEMENT has to be taken individually into account, as everything is connected and needs to stay in Balance with each other!
The Plant of Life is placed in the center as its seeds are noutering & energizing all of the Elements!
​A well choosen relationship out of movement & relaxation forms the physical condition of the human Body!
​By mastering the ELEMENTS the Body – Mind Complex is in PEACE & Human soul as pure awareness can rise up!


Hola I’m Patrick


  • Master of Science & Coaching ( German Sports University)
  • Personal Trainer & Life Coach (Trainings-, Nutrition-, Psychologyscientist)
  • Athletic -Performance Assesment Coach
  • Kite-, Climbing, Yoga- Instructor, Health & Performance Assesment


  • Studying the science of life (Ajurveda)
  • Cooking and enjoying Ajurvedic kitchen
  • Interested in Nature & Health
  • Happiness Seeker


  • German
  • English
  • Spanish

Namastè I’m Virginia

I’m a lover of Yoga in it’s whole meaning.

I believe the process of learning is neverending and it’s always an exchange of experiences. I can’t wait to cross with you on my path and have the opportunity to learn from each other sharing knowledge with PEACE, LOVE & COMPASSION.


  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish