Life can just get created by living food, as it turns through it’s organic structure into high digestible energy in the physical body.

Further that by combining certain ingreadients it allows to increases the nurturing benefits by more than 50%.

Additionally taking into account, the natural rhythym of the sun and the thereby linked activity of the edocrine hormone system allows the healing benefits of pre heated as well as raw foods, choosen by the right timing of the day, to strengthen your performance level.

Apart from that, every individual has created it’s own bio microsystem, why the seperation into body types (doshas -Ayurveda) and the recommanded dietary intake of certain devided food categories, proven by more than 5000 years old practical Indian Science allows to activate your immunsystem for benefical diseasetreatment, diseaseprevention as well as in a further stage life enhancement by the increase of positive vitality!