Life became an active and turbulent culture where is almost no peace!

Modern world country’s problems exists mainly psychological, as there is axcess to adequate food, clothing & shelter.

Our medicine is more a quick fix to keep us going instead of reading the warning signals of the Body

We need to learn reading the signals by becoming aware of our Body-Mind connection​

Mind is the main vehicle we use for all what we do

It has it’s qualities and like fire it can be used for good and bed

Like any instrument we are the one who uses it and must master it and not let it tell us what to do

All psychological problems are nothing more than a wrong use of the mind

​The body itself is a mental organism, a vehicle of perception designed to support the functions of the five senses and to facilitate experience by the mind

​It regards the mind as the reflection of the body and the storehouse of impressions we acess through the senses

Any breakdown in bodily function has its door in perceptual process and results in wrong use of senses which results in pain!

Human soul as pure awareness linked with but not limited with the mind-body complex.