“One of the elementary steps in the process of learning a new topic is to understand the new field you are moving in. Understanding is a matter of how you get guided step by step through variations of exercises and illustrated explanations in order to become a Master!”

Climbing and Bouldering

The secret of creating an unique adventure starts by putting yourself in a situation of unclarity about the path. Without knowing what is expecting you, while getting guided in a moment of fear, is envolving your personal limits to the sky”

Hiking to Natural Pools (Cliffjumping)

“In the back country of Tarifa you’ll find an outstanding variation of different vegetation types of mother earth’s playground, which offers unlimted possibilities to explore your surrounding nature. The calm and peaceful vibration of  the environment allows you to regenerate your physical & mental energy.”

Surfing and Stand-Up Paddling

Being One with you and the board is a specialiality in Surfsports as there is nothing else that is needed. Learning how to manage instability & transfering it to a high fun output riding on the water is unique experience”